About Us

We are a Washington based family owned shipping container business!

A little about us:

My husband (Mark) was working for a container company doing the container deliveries for a while. I (Lani) was working for a warehouse doing accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxes, payroll (you get the jest).  Soon our conversations started to go in the direction of being self-employed. You know, “working your own hours”, “making your own schedule”, “free time” that’s what you think at first “ha-ha”.  In 2018 we decided to take a leap and purchase a truck and trailer. We were now self-employed/business owners. This is when Another Round Transport was established. Starting out only as a transportation company we transported anything (mostly containers) from point A to point B. After 8 months or so we decide that we would start selling containers (why not? That’s what we were delivering anyways). Now we have Another Round Containers.

Mission Statement: No matter how much we grow our goal is to always stay humble. We want our customers to feel like friends and neighbors while doing business with us. We specialize in selling, transporting and placing Conex shipping containers at your location. When you order a container from us you deal with us from start to finish. You can always reach a real person when you call. We have drivers in your area ready to deliver your new storage container! Our company prides ourselves on our customer service and having professional and courteous drivers.





Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to doing business with you!


Mark & Lani

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