Container Delivery Information

The average delivery timeline for a container is 7-10 business days after we receive your payment. Once we receive your payment Logistics will contact you to set up delivery date and time. Delivery timelines may vary due to weather and a few other factors.

Roll Off – The container will arrive on a trailer that will tilt back and place the edge of the container on the ground. The trailer will pull away and allow the container to slide, or roll, off onto the ground.

Customer Assist – This requires the customer to have an anchor point on the delivery site. A chain can be attached to the container and then attached to the anchor point. The trailer will then pull away and the container will slide onto the ground.

Flat Bed – The container will arrive on a flat bed trailer attached to a truck. The customer will need to provide a means to lift the container off of the trailer, which could be a crane, forklift, or any other heavy equipment.


Container door orientation refers to the direction the doors should face when loaded on the trailer. Think about where you want the driver to place the container and then also consider if a 40ft trailer can fit where you want the container.

Container doors to the Cab – The doors will face the back of the cab and will be the last thing off the trailer as it is delivered.

Container doors to the Rear – The doors will face away from the truck and will be the first thing off the trailer as it is delivered.


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